Cutting at High Speeds with Accuracy

Delivering high-speed, precision metal cutting to the highest standards.

We provide both laser metal-cutting services and plasma-cutting services. Utah Steel has been serving the manufacturing industry since 2006. We can assure you our highly skilled and trained team is efficient in providing each of our clients with quality work that we hold to the absolute highest standard.

From intricate parts to thick steel, our company has cut high-quality products for our clients for over a decade. We specialize in precision metal cutting fabrication. Whether you need mass part production or intricate design work, we’ll get you what you need at the quality you specify, in the fastest time possible, and at a competitive price.

Whether you’re looking to cut sheet metal, chassis, or machinery parts, we cater to various industries. Our laser-cutting metal capabilities are ideal for several industries.


20kw Eagle High-performance laser
Cuts up to 1½”
Advantage fabricated metals up to 60″ wide
Cutting speeds up to 3,000 IPM


Finn Power CKS turret punch
Speeds up to 2200 hits per minute
Up to 3/16″ thick steel & other metals
Equipped with servo-hydraulics


High-performance 400 AMP plasma
Cuts steel and other metals up to 3″ thick
12′ x 20′ table
Bevel capabilities

Machine Arm Cutting Steel